Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: From Powerful Poetry to Hope in Hard Times 

Poet Aja Monet Photo courtesy of her website,
Poet Aja Monet
Photo courtesy of her website,

There is such dynamic art being created every day. It’s always a joy to discover another poem or essay. The more we explore and learn, the deeper our humanitygrows. Here’s my weekly list of inspiration from around the web:

Author Cheryl Strayed on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah, talking love, loss and bravery.

Poet Pat Parker on LGBTQ folks finding the strength to live their truth, and stand up to the many faces of bigotry.  This poem from Aja Monet brought me to tears, such intensity:”… black and woman is a sort of magic you cannot hashtag. The mere weight of it too vast to be held. My rage is righteous. My love is righteous… How you gonna be free without me?”

My blogging bestie Nellie’s moving piece about finding hope in tough times is at once raw and beautiful.

God’s love, this is what I strive to emulate in whatever small way I can in my daily
I recently learned about radical writer Hannah Arendht from the amazing Maria Popova over at Brain Pickings. Arendht’s thoughts about humanity and freedom are quite powerful.

My friend Lynae shared this striking illustration (not sure of the artist name who created the piece) and quote from Dr. Maya Angelou. She said the spirit of it reminded her of me. What a compliment!

The incomparable Lauryn Hill’s “War on the Mind.” There is such beauty and depth in this song!

Let my life be the proof of God’s love.  What an amazing musical testament to the radical and boundless love of our Creator from for KING & COUNTRY.

Motivational Speaker / Author / Entrepreneur Lisa Nichols on poignant life lessons and fully stepping into your purpose.

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