The Revolution Starts When You Turn Off Your Phone 

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I did it, y’all. I stood in line for nearly twenty minutes, surrounded by the chaotic noise in a Chipotle on Saturday night, and I refused to scan my phone – no emailing, IG posts, tweeting or Facebook. Nope. I chose mind REST. I am escaping the land of overwhelm and productivity one bar at a time. Who’s with me?!?!

Is it easy? Heck NO! I felt myself fidget nervously, but then I looked at folks around me, heads buried in the captivating luminosity of their iPhones and Androids, and thought, if I don’t continue this mindful practice, I’m loosing thousands of hours of life to a device. Who has that kind of time?

Waking Up    

“A conditioned mind is not free because it can never go beyond its own borders, beyond the barriers it has built around itself; that is obvious. And it is very difficult for such a mind to free itself from its conditioning and go beyond, because this conditioning is imposed upon it, not only by society, but by itself. You like your conditioning because you dare not go beyond.

You are frightened of what your father and mother would say, of what society and the priest would say; therefore you help to create the barriers which hold you. This is the prison in which most of us are caught, and that is why your parents are always telling you – as you in turn will tell your children – to do this and not do that.”
– Jiddu Krishnamurti

A few months ago, my Dad hung out with us, and we were eating. He looked over at me, sort of befuddled, as I sat, chewing bites of food, pausing to post on Instagram and said: “Do you ever put that thing down?”

I brushed it off, mumbling something about a deadline but his sentence took root in my spirit,  becoming the catalyst for a kind of subtle inner revolution. No viral videos or Twitter hashtag announcing this cause, just a girl who is stepping into mindfulness anew.

How did I become a woman who jerks away from silence, choosing, instead to run headfirst into a suffocating busyness? Me. The little girl who dramatically announced to her family that she needed “quiet time to write.” Where is she in this era of constant communication, but dwindling connection? I am bringing her back to life, one mindful moment at a time.

Emelda De Coteau
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9 Replies to “The Revolution Starts When You Turn Off Your Phone ”

  1. MEL MEL MEL!!! I love you dear sister! This is wonderful! It’s amazing how God speaks to us and guides us in these subtle ways, most often through the people around us. Since leaving social media weeks ago my relationship with God has grown tremendously. And my anxiety has washed away despite life still being busy and difficult. Now my mind is quiet and my heart is full through the busy instead of frantic and pained. I’m so happy to see you on a similar journey beautiful soul! I only wish we lived closer in these physical bodies and could enjoy friendship in person. I’m blessed to be connected to you though even if only through our shared stories and writing. May God continue to bless you and lead you with His Grace. Much love!!

  2. Oh girl!! I love you, too!! You know you made my day, right?!?! Seriously! YES!!! It is an awesome path, and please know that you inspired me to begin this journey…. Returning to mindfulness and stillness… I still have a ways to go but I am getting there. Oh that is so great to hear about your deepening connection to God in the midst of all you and your family face at this time. Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers!

    Thank you so much!! Infinite Light & love

  3. Beautiful! I love that you are taking time for yourself! I think we are all attached to our phones and running on empty. Rest and being physically connected to others is so much more important than all of the social media apps on our cell phones. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words! 🙂

  4. Wise words, Emelda. There is so much noise around us and unplugging is truly good for the soul. It is hard, but I know that I can’t hear God if I don’t listen, and that means tuning everyone else out. And if I can do it, then I prove to my 13 year old that he can too!! 😉

  5. Love it E!! Don’t we all need to take a break from the luminosity of our “smart” devices and take in the beauty of our world that God has given us? Lol yea we do! Technology has made us so disconnected from the world and others. It is possible to break away from. Not easy at all, but possible. The benefits definitely outweigh the costs. Thank you for sharing. Sharing this now!

    Love you,

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