Beauty / Style Finds: Socially Conscious Fashion from Mompreneur Zorana of Wanderlust 

I met Zorana (founder of Wanderlust) on Instagram several months ago, and instantly admired the beauty of her pieces.  However, the message and philosophy behind the work is particularly inspiring. She is a change agent, a woman committed to transforming the world through mindfulness. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about the story behind the brand. Plus, Live In Color blog readers get a 15% discount (see coupon in the post).  Grab some tea, coffee, or a smoothie (my personal fav.) and  enjoy!

Zorana, founder of Wanderlust

Tell us all about Wanderlust. What materials do you select? What is your business philosophy?
I am a small business owner, and I embrace the attitude of ethical, fair production and a purposeful life! I strive to grow my business through a route of honest work, and the creation of modern simple goods for life and home.

All my bags are handmade, hand painted and crafted. Every piece of fabric is washed, ironed, painted by hand, sewn, folded and tied up with a hand-printed label in my home studio.

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I have a strict policy for sustainable environmental work. I use only water-based textile colors, acid-free. I use a  100% cotton canvas, producing on a small scale, it gives a soft and natural feel. I do not work with leather.

All my bags are ethically sourced, made in small sustainable batches, responsibly, both on a human and environmental level. I’m all about ethical fashion and care for our planet.

I believe that the stuff we use shouldn’t cause harm to people, the planet and animals. There are no animal-based materials in my designs. 

I also believe that it is very important to know who makes our stuff, too. Each of my bags has it’s own story. I like to think that my bags add style to a life with purpose: ethics + aesthetics.

I create reusable bags that people may  take with them when they do their grocery shopping – this is a small act with a big impact. I encourage taking your canvas tote reusable bag anywhere! Our planet is begging us not to use plastic bags. Make life thoughtful and intentional! My new collection of kitchen textiles painted by hand is expected by the end of the month, so stay tuned.

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Wanderlust Coupon for Live In Color Blog readers
Wanderlust coupon for Live In Color Blog readers

What lead you to start your business?
Women makers led my family for generations. All my grandmothers were seamstresses, dressmakers, and one was a famous weaver of traditional kilims. I guess my calling was probably determined by that [history]. I studied fashion & textile design. After a break to have my twins, my fashion collection grew into an Etsy store, eventually becoming a small business.

Wanderlust Packaging

Wanderlust LogoWhat inspires you to keep creating?
I’ve always had an urge to create, but after I discovered ethical fashion my desire grew! It is the amount and quality of attention that counts – and slow  making equals quality.

I think we are what we wear. We should match our outfits to our beliefs. Act as if what we do makes a difference because it does! We should use our buying power to support brands that produce their products fairly, and are not exploiting people and planet. It’s all about buying smarter.

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I draw inspiration from this [outlook]. It helped me realize my mission. I have  [a] quote by Mahatma Gandhi that currently guides my life, and hangs on my wall: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I truly love what I do! Textile art and brushstrokes painted by hand are a thrill to create. My favorite cup of morning coffee is served with black textile paint! That’s how I like to start my work day.

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Note: All my photos are taken by Zorana and her sister Ivana Pavlovic of “Beads & Happiness.” 

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  1. Super cute collection and even better designs. Loving the cross-body bags. It’s fresh and I haven’t seen many like this before.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the discount ❤️

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