Beauty / Style Finds: Lovely Handmade Jewelry from Ivana of Beads and Happiness 

I discovered the beautiful work of Ivana at Beads and Happiness through featuring her sister, Zorana (Wanderlust), who creates stunning  handmade eco-friendly bags. When I visited Ivana’s Beads and Happiness Instagram page, the joyful energy and stylish pieces instantly grabbed my attention. I am sure you will enjoy reading about this multi-talented woman who shares happiness through her artful creations!

Ivana Pavlović, owner of Beads and Happiness

Tell us about yourself and your jewelry. 
Hi! My name is Ivana Pavlović. I am a mom of one young boy, entrepreneur, creator, curator, and photographer for my small business. When my kid grew up I had more free time to try and express myself through embroidery. I wanted to create something new, and to share my feelings and vision of beauty.

Photo Credit: Ivana Pavlović

I believe that jewelry is not just for special occasions, accessories make your outfit unique and special. I like simple forms with lots of colors. Every piece that I create is unique.

I like every color (but maybe pink the most :)) and I like to use them – mixing and matching  perfectly. Because of the specific way I mix, it’s not possible to make the same necklace twice.

Photo Credit: Ivana Pavlović
Photo Credit: Ivana Pavlović

That’s why I always tell my customers that I can’t make the [exact]  item from a picture. Similar, yes, but definitely not the same. My jewelry is not expensive, but it is unique. It is the kind of jewelry that any woman can afford, and it’s really wearable and comfortable.

Photo Credit: Ivana Pavlović

What lead you to start your business? What is your business philosophy / mission?
I was creative as a child. I loved taking scissors to cut everything. All of my dolls had short hair; one of my Mom’s coats became a short jacket and my shirts had trendy cut-out spots. 🙂 I grew up with my Grandma who always encouraged my creativity, and had time to help me with everything I needed.

The two of us made a lot of things together. I like to believe that I developed good taste for fashion because of her, but generally every woman in my family is making some handmade products. So I guess it is pretty normal that I chose to make handmade products, too.

Photo Credit: Ivana Pavlović

Jewelry making was just my hobby until a couple years ago; since online shopping became more popular in my country, it is my full-time job.

My aspiration in life is to be happy, and jewelry making is something that makes me HAPPY. I really enjoy doing what I do, and my goal is to make my customers enjoy it, too. That is the reason I named my brand “Beads And Happiness.”


What inspires you to keep creating?
My inspiration comes from communicating with my customers and people who love my jewelry. When someone who lives on the other side of the world tells me that my jewelry is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, that’s what really inspires me.

I have a lot of new ideas; I could make a plan for all the things I want to make for the next couple years, but I never have enough time. Almost all of my photos are made by me. I take them and edit them later. I update all of my profiles (and I have a lot of them), I also sell a lot of my products at some fashion markets in my country.

Photo Credit: Ivana Pavlović

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