Beauty / Style Finds: Get Your Carrie Bradshaw on with Carriage House Heiress Tutus! 

Michelle Dowell , owner of Carriage House Heiress and Ruffles Ribbons N’ Bows Boutique

Tell us about your fabulous tutus! What are they made of?  What is the cost?
My tutus are made from 100% nylon tulle and are cruelty-free. There is never any part of my process or my materials that involve animal testing or anything pertaining to animals. I also make sure that my material suppliers are cruelty-free as well.

An average tutu can start from as low as $38 and custom orders start at $41. My price incorporates cost of labor/time (what I pay myself) to create the items and the cost of materials. I always will keep my fashions budget-friendly because being a price-conscious fashionista myself, no one should pay high prices for high quality. It’s where the name “Carriage House Heiress” came from. You get Heiress quality on a Carriage House budget!

What lead you to start your business? What is your business philosophy / mission?
Carriage House Heiress was originally birthed from my kids clothing store, Ruffles Ribbons N’ Bows Boutique, which is also located in the Etsy marketplace. I named my women’s tutu collection “Lady RRNB” and gave them their own spot in my boutique.

After a while, though, I had ladies requesting custom orders for adult tutus until the demand was so high that I felt that it was time to give those designs a home of their own. And so, Carriage House Heiress was born.

I didn’t want to just open up another cute boutique to make extra money for my family. I wanted to start something where I could give back to causes that speak to my heart and to what I strongly believe in.

Being a mom of furbabies and an ex-cat-colony-rescuer, my heart strings tug at the mere mention of animal rescue and animal rights. I never could comprehend the harming or killing of animals for the vain purposes of fashion. So not only are my designs cruelty-free, but a portion of their sales goes to charities that support animal rescue, helping the environment and bettering the lives of women and children.

Our business philosophy is Christian-based, and sharing the love of Christ through serving and giving. I believe that we are here to make a difference in the lives of others, and I am humbled to use my talents to do that one tutu creation at a time. 

What inspires you to keep creating?
I love the “art” of creating art. It sounds so cheesy, but the creative in me is drawn to all things artsy tartsy. Whether it’s acting, writing, fashion design, crafting D.I.Y. home decor, baking or even creating homeschool printables for my kiddo, I need to be creating something awesomesauce at all times to be fulfilled. It’s the satisfaction of working hard at something and seeing it come into fruition that fuels me to keep making.


Michelle Dowell , owner of Carriage House Heiress and Ruffles Ribbons N’ Bows Boutique

Share 3 random fun facts about you!
I love veggie “cheesesteaks”! I love a good chicken philly, too, but over the years the cruelty-free version appeals to me more. I can’t get enough of it!

My cats rule my house. I am sooo not in charge of our homestead.

I wore my Batgirl tutu design to see the original Batman, Adam West! I’m not sure if he liked it, but I had a blast!

Michelle Dowell of Carriage House Heiress rockin’ her own beautiful creation

If you could chose one quote that summarizes your biz, what would it be? 
“Compassion over fashion, cruelty-free is the way to be!”

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Photo Information:
Black Tutu
Photos Provided By Model

Adult Bachelorette Tutu
(white/lace/little pink), Jamie Bragg Photography

Punk Rock Black & Fuchsia tutu, Jamie Bragg Photography

Harley Quinn Tutu
(red/white/black), Illusions Images Photography By Angela

Multicolored Punk rock tutu
(purple/fuschia/black/hot pink/lavender)
Illusions Images Photography By Angela

Hot Pink Tutu
(multi-pink)Photos Provided By Model

Cranberry Wine Long Tutu
Illusions Images Photography By Angela

All photos of Michelle Dowell, owner of Carriage House Heiress, provided by her.

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