Beauty / Style Finds: Uplifting God through Jewelry, Sienna of Joy In The Gems 

I discovered Sienna’s beautiful faith-inspired jewelry line, Joy In The Gems, through her uplifting Instagram page, and had to drag myself away that afternoon! The scriptures she highlights in these pieces resonate with my spirit, and I am sure you’ll be moved as well, lovelies.

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Sienna Hermary, owner of Joy In The Gems

Your work is not only deeply inspiring,  but visually stunning. What materials do you use? What is the price range? 

Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary

All of my pendants are made with lead and nickel free zinc alloy (metal), and my designs are printed on card stock before being sealed with glass domes. My larger 1.5 inch pendants cost $16-$17 USD, and my smaller 1 inch designs are $13-$14 USD. You can also find my metal bookmarks for around $7-$10 USD!

Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary

What lead you to start your business?

A while ago, my oldest sister turned to atheism. She’s extremely intelligent, which made it hard to defend my faith against her.

I ended up looking and digging in the bible so much that I decided to create my @godquotesforgirls Instagram page, and eventually got into necklaces as another way to wear encouragement around our necks! 🙂

Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary
Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary

What is your business philosophy / mission?  

My mission is to help anchor the faith of anyone who is doubtful, facing hard times, or who just needs a reminder that God is with them!

Also, I hope that my products reflect the Lord’s commandments to remind us of His amazing love and grace!

Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary

What inspires you to keep creating?

I have a lovely family and parents who are SO supportive of what I’m doing! Also, I am continually encouraged by the sweet comments from my followers, inspiring photos from other creators, and the never-ending need our world has for a Saviour!

Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary
Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary

Share 3 random fun facts about you!  

1. I’m an animal lover (and dog whisperer)!
2. I drink tea – morning, night, and every time in between!
3. I currently live in Alberta, Canada, but have always loved Seattle, WA!

If you could choose one quote or verse of scripture that summarizes your biz, what would it be? Why?

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” (Colossians 3:23)

Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary

I see each and every person around me as a little temple of God, and by serving them, I know that I am serving Him. My shop isn’t just a job for me, but a whole-hearted ministry meant to bring glory to my Creator!

Photo Credit: Sienna Hermary


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