Beauty / Style Finds: Brooklyn-Based Artist Murj’s Vibrant Creations   

I discovered the vibrant and eclectic artwork of Murj on Instagram last year, and have been so impressed by the range of her creations. She makes  paintings, along with décor and other everyday items like t-shirts, clocks and watches. It seems there is nothing she cannot bring to life with her artistry! I am sure you all will enjoy seeing her lovely pieces.

Murjani Holmes, artist & entrepreneur

What materials do you use to create your artwork?  How much might someone pay for your pieces? 

A lot of my work is acrylic paint on wood, and canvas. I also do wooden jewelry boxes, picture frames – [you know], items that are pretty to see but serve a purpose in your life. Well, my prices range from $30 and up to $150 and up for custom paintings (this also depends on the size).

Portrait of Grace Jones | Photo & Artwork by Murj

What lead you to start your business?

My desire to get my creations out to the world, and to see the response people would have to them.

What is your business philosophy and mission?

It is to let people know its ok to have something that makes you feel good by just looking at it, and be a little selfish. Go for it since art is very personal for THAT particular person. I like the idea of people doing something nice for themselves.

Photo & Artwork by Murj

What inspires you to keep creating art? What artists do you admire and why?

I am inspired to make art because it’s a need I have like breathing. I just HAVE to create for my own equilibrium.

Portrait of Lauryn Hill | Photo & Artwork by Murj

I love the artwork of Doze Green. I have been a fan of his for a while. His work speaks directly to his ancestry and his use of color is awesome.

Share 3 random fun facts about you!

I love all things art!

I love animals, and as someone who has lived in New York City for 10 years,  I have never gone on the rides at Coney Island! I got to get on that [one]. Lol!

Photo & Artwork by Murj
Photo & Artwork by Murj

If you could chose one quote that summarizes your biz, what would it be? Why? 

“Just Do It.” I know it’s a little straight to the point, but that’s it in a nutshell.  I will continue to create artwork until I can’t anymore, and I encourage those that are interested in art to go for it, and bring some work home with them. Because its more than just a painting, or sculpture, etc. when the right person finds the right piece.

Photo / Clock artwork by Murj

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Twitter: @murjart

Facebook: Murjani Holmes Art Page

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