Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: Christian Musicians, Travis Greene, Jessi Hughes & U.S. Olympic Champion Simone Biles 

Gospel singer & minister Travis Greene

I listen to Christian music more than ever these days, the words simply resonate deeply with my spirit. And I feel God speaking to me so clearly in each song. I’m sharing some of my favs. today, along with the usual round up of articles, podcasts and book recommendations. Enjoy, lovelies!

Travis Greene singing his uplifting song, “Intentional,” still gives me chills, y’all.

Mali Music, oh how his songs catapult me up from despair. His song, I Believe, is such a gem! “I choose to look on the bright side despite all the negativity I am surrounded by… So much I don’t have answers for… that’s what makes me trust you more.” And I adore this ode to long lasting love.

Love & The Outcome remind us God’s love isn’t about anything we can ever do to deserve it, but His unfailing grace with “The God I Know.”

Francesca Battistelli’s powerful song / video, “He Knows My Name” infused with women telling their stories of struggle and triumph through their relationships with a God. “His forever, held and treasured… I don’t need my name in lights, I’m famous in my Father’s eyes.”

I met Jessi Hughes on Instagram. She is such a beautiful and multitalented soul, who has been called into the ministry; we also work together at Our Words Collaborative, where we share our faith journey daily with readers. Her new single, “I Know Who I am” is “a joyful fusion of soulful blues vocals and the vibrant dance rhythms of West Africa – you will be uplifted and want to dance.”

Writer Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast, “Magic Lessons,”about helping creatives get unstuck is awesome! She not only coaches folks, but connects them with other talented and accomplished people in a variety of fields – writers, photographers and performers. Check out these broadcasts about one woman’s heartfelt photography project and another’s childhood dream to become a comedic writer.

This week I discovered The Liberated Heart podcast hosted by Cassandra N. Vincent. I love how she combines her  own life experiences with practical insights about the Christian journey.  I really enjoyed the recent broadcast, Fix  Your Crown & Fully Embrace Who You Are.

Could Simone Biles be any more inspiring?! I love this recent article in Time magazine that delves into her life. And this awesome piece in Clutch magazine about how Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles are encouraging another generation of young black girls.

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