Inspiration For Yours Ears & Soul: Poet / Singer Jamila Woods, New Hip Hop Artist Naji & Nuturing Friendships 

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Can I be real with y’all? Stress threatened to annihilate my joy this week. I didn’t know if I could post this series. But then I started to think about God, and how through all the chaos and challenges, His spirit brought me serenity and beauty.

I am still digesting Sarah Jakes-Roberts powerful sermon about renewing your mind for the miracle.

I heard about Jamila Woods’ music, but this morning was the first time I had a chance to listen, and I am in awe! She totally and completely restored my musical life, y’all.

Blk Girl Solider, an ode to the epic resilience of black women is on repeat. These lines: ” She don’t give up… Rosa was a freedom fighter, and she taught us how to fight. Assata was a freedom fighter l, and she taught us how to fight…” Listen to the whole album on Soundcloud (it’s free).

Speaking of musical inspiration, heard of Naji? He is a thoughtful young Hip-Hop artist whose latest piece focuses on a range of issues from the violence in our communities to police terror and the legacy of systemic racism.

Hip-Hop artist Naji | Image via YouTube

I love this beautiful piece on the daily devotional website Our Words Collaborative by Andrea Marlowe on standing in our faith and remaining true to our relationship with God, no matter what others think.

Loved this podcast on Black Girl In Om about truth in sistahood and friendship.

I am inspired by the Sioux tribes of North Dakota who are resisting construction of  the Dakota Access Pipeline, and instead  calling on us to honor nature.

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