Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: Poet Saul Wiliams, Nina Simone, Dr. King & Creating Lasting Change 

Poet Saul Williams

I like artists that question what we are told is normal, folks pushing against the status quo.  As we near the birthday of Dr. King, I am thinking even deeper about the righteousness of rebellion:

Saul Williams’ performance on NPR Tiny Desk Concert is raw and arresting in innumerable ways.

I listen to Dr. King’s speech at the Riverside church quite a bit. He calls us all into radical action and love.

The beauty of the incomparable Nina Simone, unapologetic in her truth:

One woman’s letter to her boyfriend about the privilege of his skin and their love: “How did you become the man I love? You bake; I write. You’re gregarious; I’m reticent. You’re North; I’m South. You’re white; I’m brown. You’re local; I’m global. But we meet in vulnerability. You soften my edges. You are honest and kind.”

One group in New Orleans is liberating women from the prison industrial complex.

My girlfriend Kayla shared the Interview piece where Beyoncé has a heartfelt Q&A with Solange. It’s beautiful, and provides such insight into her rich creative life.

Music is universal. Don’t you love that? Alsarah & The Nubatones from the Sudan sing with such intense feeling. Another amazing performance on NPR Tiny desk concert series.

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