Talking Desserts & Creativity with Lick Your Lips Cakes Founder, Natacha

Natacha Rodriguez-Pierre, founder of Lick Your Lips Cakes

I won a yummy dessert from Lick Your Lips Cakes in an Instagram giveaway, and kept licking my lips! I have a real sweet tooth, y’all. I couldn’t wait to chat with Natacha Rodriguez-Pierre, the woman behind all this yummy goodness. Natacha started her home-based biz four years ago in Brooklyn, NY, and she  specializes in creating custom flavors and mastering traditional flavors. Lick Your Lips Cakes ships all over the United States, Europe, and Canada. Grab a cup of tea and a comfy chair, and read about this dynamic woman, who says her desserts are a pleasure so guilty, you’ll eat them in the dark. 🙂

Women of color are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country. What made you take the leap? And what is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far?  

Why NOT take the leap? There are too many ways to succeed in this world to limit yourself. Even if I were to walk away from what I do now, I know I tried my best. This is some hard shit. Lol! I still have a 9-5, because I enjoy what I do! The greatest thing is I don’t have to choose between one or the other.

Anyone coming into entrepreneurship thinking that it’s going to be like Shark Tank, and you’ll just be a hit, needs to reevaluate their whole structure. I auditioned for Shark Tank, and did an amazing job! They never called me back, but it’s their loss. I still keep it moving. One experience won’t stop me. I have learned that if you really want it, you’ll find a way.

Cheesecake in a jar – brilliant! Why did you choose to focus on that particular dessert and present it in that way? Is baking a tradition in your family? 

Hahaha…. funny story. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I do love to cook, and I’ve been in the kitchen since I was five. Baking is no different than cooking to me. As for the jar, that was a happy accident. I had too much batter, and had jars at home from when I was making peach berry jam. I just made them that way.

Through trial and LOTS of error, I figured out how to get it just right. My Mom is all things wonderful in this world and her hands are blessed in cooking, but I can honestly say, and she’ll back up, that I taught her how to bake. Cheesecake is one of those unicorn desserts, you know? Anyone can make it, but only a select few can get it “just right”, so it’s great that so many people enjoy my desserts. Baking is my happy place! I love to make people happy, and my hands help me to do that every day!

You have so many delicious flavors for folks to choose from on your site. What inspires you to experiment with some of these unique blends?

Oh any and everything. I can be grocery shopping, out with family, or just watching TV, and I’ll see something and say: “I’m gonna cheesecake that.” Not that long ago I was inspired by glitter make up! Yup, sounds funny, but true. Glitter makeup is so pretty if done correctly so I decided to do it! It came out wonderful.

I am always looking for new inspiration, and ways to make people excited about the cheesecake. I created cotton candy cheesecake (see below) another one that sounds weird, but kids love cotton candy, and adults love to reminisce. People loved it!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some that just didn’t make the cut, and some that I thought would be gross that people LOVE… I mean jalapeño maple bacon? That is a winner,  but you [just] never know. Lol!

What is ahead for Lick Your Lips Cakes? 

Today? Sleep. Luckily I have a very supportive family. Right now I am currently booking dates for events. I cater events – big or small. I add special touches to each event – from custom flavors to custom labels, you name it!

Also, most holidays we have special offers for our customers. Mother’s Day is coming up and we have a great offer (see below). This year I am expanding with some amazing things up my sleeve. I can’t give it all away. Lol!  Stay tuned:)

How can folks stay in touch with you? Where can we find you on social media? 

I’m on Instagram @lickyourlipscakes, Facebook at Lick Your Lips Cakes and Twitter @cheesecake_porn. I’m always around and ready to give out some sugar! Lol!

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