Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: From Lauren Daigle’s Inspiring Music to Victory Over Struggle

With everything going on in the world, taping into inspiration is more important than ever. It’s awesome to get back to sharing this weekly series with you all – Inspiration  for Your Ears & Soul, I really believe we have to cultivate gratitude and celebration of those miracles we overlook everyday.

Here’s a weekly round up of positivity and light for you all –

Lauren Daigle’s voice has lifted me out of some dark times; her latest album is on Spotify and it is a gem.

Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts – Girl Get Up
Chills listening to her encourage women to step into faith, believing that with God’s help, they can get back up again.

Thank you, friend so much, friend – Jada S. (Writer / Mama / Storyteller and more) for sharing on Instagram earlier this week.

Our guest for Woke Wednesdays (on IG Live) this coming week, Alex (@bridgerofgaps) has an amazing post about understanding white privilege, how this shows up in daily life and some of the inner work he is doing to break free. Go read it!

This quote from Audre Lorde on @wellreadblackgirl always gives life!

Don’t Keep Your Day Job: Making a Living Doing What You Love, is such a dynamic podcast encouraging us all to move from disillusionment to hope…

Every week I’m blessed by Cathy’s words and the guests she features. I absolutely loved the episode with Melissa Camilleri, founder of Shop Compliment (an inspirational and empowering lifestyle co.)

Healing. Growth. Understanding it’s all a process, such powerful words from Jada Pickett-Smith via @blackgirlflymag:

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