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Me & my Nai Pie, the love of our lives

As a little girl, I fell madly in love with words and visual art (painting, sketching and later photography). Often my younger brother Dave and I acted out plays we wrote, perched in our treehouse. We were constructing new worlds with ever growing imaginations. Growing up in Baltimore meant surviving, but our parents always ensured we embraced possibilities. We understood there were experiences beyond our neighborhood.

Perhaps it’s why creativity never left me, even years later, when I found myself in the 9-5 grind. I felt deeply that actively creating would liberate me. Inspiration for me abounds, sitting within the sounds of nature, the laughter of our little one, Nai, the many facets of artistic culture, and the endurance of the human spirit.

On a brisk Saturday morning in January of 2010, I started Live In Color blog, and, like my life, it’s taken shape and grown over the years. Initially I simply sought to inspire others and share my spiritual journey.

I now feel called to not only blog, but cultivate a community which empowers in three core areas: faith, activism and inspiration / motivation. I want you to not only exist, but to live in color!


What You’ll Find Here & What’s Coming Up: 

My Christian faith journey (mostly devotional style which discuss my walk with God and the lessons I want to share with you all) and mindfulness / awareness, activism (raising important issues… I have a heart for creating a just world and particularly feel a responsibility as a creative), and inspiration (I am naturally an optimist and believe what we feed our minds expand; you’ll find weekly posts to motivate you in speaking the language of possibility, Monday Motivation Moments + the ongoing series, now on Wednesdays, Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul, a weekly round up of inspiration from around the web).

Also, in the coming months, I’m going to begin a series of interviews (Q&A style) highlighting the work and words of my fellow creatives. And I plan to organize Live In Color blog meetups so we can hang out in person (if you are in the Maryland area where I am based). Stay tuned for details!

My Words in Other Online Spaces & Activism / Organizing:

You can read my words at Beautifully Said Magazine, where I am a columnist. Last year, I started #WomenCreativesChat, an online community dedicated to empowering and inspiring other creative women like myself. I share uplifting words daily on Instagram.

I contribute to other online spaces too, including Pretty Entrepreneur (a community connecting dope women of color who are entrepreneurs) and Positivity Warriors  (also a vibrant Facebook community).

Resisting all forms of oppression and actively creating affirming spaces for womyn of color is important to me, and I am a founding member of Black Womyn Rising, a radical intergenerational black womyn’s organizing collective rooted in transformative love and global sistahood.

Black Womyn Rising
(my sistas)

When not blogging, writing, photographing, or organizing around issues of social justice, I enjoy seeking God, spending precious moments with my husband, beautiful daughter Nai, family and good friends.

Family (Kes, Nai & Me)
Emelda De Coteau
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    1. Thank you so much!! We absolutely love your blog. I’ve been periodically reading it after a friend turned me on to your work. We’re so happy you visited us!

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