Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: Artist Kendrick Lamar Connects with High School Kids, Amazing Dads, and Drawing Close to God 

Photo Credit: Karsten Moran, The New York Times

Despite the chaos and utter despair of the last several days in Orlando, there is still hope, inspiration and light. Here is what caught my eye this week on the web:

Hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar visited a high school in New Jersey, connected with both students and the teacher (who views Lamar not only as a musical artist,  but a writer whose work should be studied). I love out-of-the-box teaching!

It warmed my heart to read about these inspiring Dads on Father’s Day!

One of my blogging besties and sisters in Christ, Brittany Orie (Living a Beautiful Life), wrote a beautiful devotional in Our Words Collaborative. She explores an interesting subject: How God transforms some of our own quiet spirits, or periods of  loneliness, into opportunities for deeper connections with him. ▶️ I am honored to be part of this tribe of writers and I hope you’ll subscribe for daily devotionals, and follow us as we walk out this faith journey together.

Artwork by Ainsley Jordan

She is authentic – not one of those Mamas on IG who drives you nuts, because the photos are flawless 24-7. Nope, Abbie of Grumbling Grace, cracks me up and makes me think simultaneously. I loved this piece on what Dads bring – oh so much!

Peep contributing writer / blogging bestie Nellie’s thoughtful piece on rising above the fear and hatred we saw this past week in Orlando and sharing God’s love.

This courageous Dad found hope and an online community after his wife abandoned both him and their 1-month-old baby girl.