The Gift of Solitude

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Americans are uncomfortable with silence. It unnerves us. In this era of ubiquitous technology, from smart phones to iPads, we are often in motion, seldom still, rarely listening.

Small talk, endless uncomfortable chatter, music, any sound to pierce the quietness. If we meet someone who is quiet or introverted they are characterized as abnormal, somehow deficient.

Yet the most creative and inspired among us are still, unafraid to listen and confront their own vulnerabilities.

Like so many of you, at times I stuff my mind with noise instead of embracing the cleansing power of stillness.

When you awake at 4am, tossing and turning, instead of turning on the radio or scanning Facebook, listen, begin to confront what you run from fiercely. Only through this kind of fearless exploration can one genuinely begin to evolve and transcend merely existing.

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