Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul: Singer Andra Day, Finding Your Writing Voice Matters and Upsetting Rape Culture 

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Inspiration, creativity, these are my oxygen, y’all. As always, I take in a lot – music, sermons, faith-based writing, social justice! Here is my weekly round-up from the online world:

Andra Day is such a unique and powerful talent. Loving her vintage vibe, too! “In Southern California, there is a big rockabilly sub-culture. So when I would go to car shows, I would see women dressed like this. I had a teacher in high school that always had her Bette Paige bangs. And then the music that I studied was jazz—I love Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald. The way they dressed, everything that was mid-century ‘40s and ‘50s, I was always drawn to. Eventually, I just started putting things together and adding my own flair to it and it just exploded into all of this.”

Ashely Coleman is awesome sauce! If  you haven’t checked her out at Write Laugh Dream, head on over now. These two posts about overcoming our four biggest fears as writers and living out loud are everything!

Amazing work that Hannah Brancato and Melani Douglass (co-organized the performance at the BMA) are doing through The Monument Quilt (FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. The organization joins several other artists competing for the Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize, a program of the Baltimore Office of Promtion & The Arts.  “The prestigious competition which awards a $25,000 fellowship to a visual artist or visual artist collaborators living and working in the Baltimore region.  An exhibition of the finalists’ work will be featured in the Thalheimer Galleries of The Baltimore Museum of Art” (according to the Artscape website). Peep this post on their performance at the exhibition opening.

Photo Credit: Bill Hughes, Baltimore Post-Examiner
Photo Credit: Bill Hughes, Baltimore Post-Examiner
My wonderful friend Jimmy Jean’s recent blog post on embracing the journey and not letting the hustle dominate everything!

Jesse Williams inspiring BET speech (that it feels like everyone is talking about!) and his longtime commitment to activism.

Keep the bugs away with these awesome alternatives to the toxic chemicals found in most common sprays.

Madam C.J. Walker’s (first woman millionaire in the U.S.) beauty line is being revived by Sundial brands. Yay! Read about it all on In Her Shoes blog.