Music From the Heart: Cody ChestnuTT’s ‘Landing on a Hundred’

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Cody ChestnuTT creates all consuming music, stunning melodies and words whose layered meanings linger long after the tracks end. Like all prolific artists, he forces us to wrestle with the complexities of humanity – struggle, love, ego, triumph, joy and profound sadness.

His latest work, Landing on a Hundred (2012), ChestnuTT’s first CD in ten years, is replete with lyrical gems, songs such as “Til I Met Thee” which tell of love as salvation, and ultimately a new way of seeing the world. “I was walking in darkness, then you came, and made a way for me to see,” he sings.

The upbeat “Love is More Than a Wedding Day” speaks candidly about the practical and enduring side of love: “It’s more than a checkbook, ego, vanity, swaggering, a honeymoon…” Clearly, this is grown folks music, y’all.

He’s dealt with his own insecurities and demons; you hear it so lucidly as he proclaims on “Love is More Than a Wedding Day”: “We made it. We made it through the storm, this madness…”

I recently discovered the fullness of his music, and am enthralled by its courageous authenticity. Enjoy part of this live performance in Seattle recorded by KEXP Radio. I am sure, like me, you will fall madly in love:

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