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Mother, wife, sister, friend, writer / blogger / creative organizer, budding photographer... These are just a few of the many hats I juggle each day. I believe creativity is oxygen for the soul. I created Live In Color blog to celebrate the beauty in every moment, from faith to inspiration and motherhood.And it is soon becoming Pray with Our Feet blog which will focus on the intersection of faith and activism. Follow the inspiration on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/praywithourfeetblog/
Emelda De Coteau
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Emelda De Coteau, Founder of Live In Color blog | Photo Credit: Keston De Coteau

I’m committed you all!

My Christian faith journey (mostly devotional style which discuss my walk with God and the lessons I want to share with you all) and mindfulness / awareness, activism (raising important issues… I have a heart for creating a just world and particularly feel a responsibility as a creative), and inspiration (I am naturally an optimist and believe what we feed our minds expand; you’ll find weekly posts to motivate you in speaking the language of possibility, Monday Motivation Moments + the ongoing series, now on Wednesdays, Inspiration For Your Ears & Soul, a weekly round up of inspiration from around the web).

Also, in the coming months, I’m going to begin a series of interviews (Q&A style) highlighting the work and words of my fellow creatives. And I plan to organize Live In Color blog meetups so we can hang out in person (if you are in the Maryland area where I am based). Stay tuned for details!


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You can read my words at Beautifully Said Magazine, where I am a columnist. I contribute to other online spaces too, including Pretty Entrepreneur (a community uplifting dope women of color who are entrepreneurs) and Positivity Warriors (which is also an amazing Facebook community).

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